Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon

Wit, fluency and ambition combine to take you a long way. You are a voluble and expressive person with a keen sense of values and discrimination and an ability to make your opinions felt. Thus, in the world of ideas you are likely to be a power, whether that world is narrow and limited or broad and inclusive. You are a great traveler, restless, needful of being on the go all the time, and, either in geographic mobility or intellectual variety, pretty sure never to be at rest. A sort of nervous enthusiasm pervades all that you do – an enthusiasm that works on nerve force rather than physical vitality. Your imagination outruns your body, and your mind works overtime, even when you may be physically exhausted. You have to learn to relax, for if you follow your natural bent, you will come a cropper of nerves.

You are a severe critic but also an enthusiastic one – a person of strong likes and dislikes – and with reasons for all of them. Both your loves and your friends are dictated by intellectual rather than romantic considerations, though when you are satisfied about the intellectual content of your companion, you are capable of great sentimentality. The same may be said for ideas: you look first for the mind and, after that, you can let yourself go. You are a kind of snob of the intellect. When you know that you are in the company of the elect you can be as sentimental, as romantic, as emotional as all get-out. But in the presence of intellectual inferiority you freeze up and achieve an austerity that surprises even yourself. You are a broad, inclusive person in more ways than one, and your intellectual discrimination does not really interfere with your humanitarian qualities.

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