Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Rising

It’s a ying and yang lifetime for these people! Positive, sweet Sagittarius is the antithesis of sour, sober Capricorn, so these people bounce back and forth between positive and negative thoughts. But remember: Sagittarius brings heavenly kindness and Capricorn brings earthly wisdom. So with good character and a productive blend of their divergent qualities, these Capricorns enjoy meaningful, successful, fulfilling lives—if they follow their inspirations better than Capricorns usually do! More than any other rising sign, sweet, optimistic, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius gives a spring-in-the-step and a bright-eyed buoyancy to the dour old goat. Capricorns aren’t known for their dazzling smiles, but these folks can brighten a room on a good day. Though not every day is a good one! Positive thought is the key, and letting their Sagittarius shine through is essential. A big help here is their pre-dawn birth, which gives them focus and determination without the self-serving intensity that usually accompanies these traits. Always respectfully aware of protocol, they give others their space. They’re Capricorns! But when they settle on an objective, they mean to see it through to fruition. They earn a lot of respect with their never-say-die resilience, and if they put a little icing on it as they achieve their goals, they’re much loved. With Sagittarius’ “lighten up and move along” winning ways, success is in the bag.

Finally promises are important here. Sagittarius knows the power of a promise better than any of the other signs, so these Capricorns are likely to use them to motivate, encourage, and inspire people. And as long as they deliver—fine! But promising more than they deliver is a recipe for disaster. An earthly, wise Capricorn knows this deep inside, and that practical wisdom needs to be heeded. A happy middle ground between Capricorn’s thoroughness and Sagittarius’ leaps-and-bounds optimism is a sure-fire path to the winner’s circle.

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