Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon

You have a genius for people; you are capable of handling large crowds and eager to do so.

Your ambition is based in a shrewd and practical worldliness – you are one of the crowd, and no matter how far above it you may soar, you always give them the comforting impression that you haven’t forgotten where you came from. You have plenty of luck in life and high ability to make the most of it; but you lack somewhat in drive, and when fortuitous circumstances desert you, you are likely to relax – a sort of Achilles sulking in his tent. You are capable of sulking, being an ardent if non-aggressive hater. For dislikes absorb your energies destructively and you are at your best when you are loving, not hating, and when you are loved, not opposed. Opposition baffles you, because your sense of outraged justice and dignity tells you you don’t deserve it. You have charm, luck, persistence, vision, and integrity, and through these can go far.

You should depend less on luck and more on your own energies. You are a genuine humanitarian, devoted not only to individuals (you are the soul of fidelity in love matters) but to large groups, and whatever your sphere in life may be there is a keen sense of service. You are interested in worldly goods, loving luxury and the good things of life. But you have a high sense of the seriousness of living and of your particular duty to make your own world a better place for you and those around you. You are a devoted wife (husband) and mother (father) with a keen sense of domestic responsibility. You are a strict disciplinarian, but you wield the rod without malice and without temper. Your disapproval is a calm and judicial rather than an emotional matter, and it has terrific force because of its sheer detachment. You can reprimand a naughty child or flay a whole group with the same glacial calm of temper and much the same effect: you make people ashamed to be anything but the best they can be. You are a pillar of society, and whether you lead a public or private life, you are a useful citizen, winning the love and admiration of those around you.

Grant Lewi

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