Capricorn Sun Taurus Rising

These people are a composite of the practical businesswoman and the common sense banker who sagaciously knows where to put his money. And that’s always a powerful combination for success! They build things that last! If it’s functionally practical and potentially profitable, these people are front and center, giving coherent explanations and clear directions. Even though the personality is aloof Taurus, they benefit from an early afternoon birth that provides some spryness and flexibility, as well as an eye on the future that brings things to fruition. And Taurus’ “easy does it” helps to negate some of Capricorn’s “make everything difficult” competitiveness. They inherently know how to “cut the bull” and find the bottom line. Taurus, the Banker’s, “Keep it simple, stupid” approach gives these people an extreme resourcefulness, so there’s apt to be less pessimism here than with other Wise Old Goat types. But they’re still too serious.

They need to keep a handle on their sometimes overly sour demeanor. Grumpy stump Taurus and “it’s all going to hell in a hand basket” Capricorn can create some hell on earth if they don’t lighten up. They need to look for inspiration wherever they can find it. Why not let people off the hook and move along? They need to remember, “To everything there is a season.” There’s a time to work, but also a time to play. There’s a time to stand firm, and a time to yield. There’s a time to frown, and a time to smile. These Capricorns need to avoid “all work and no play” tunnel-vision, especially regarding authority. Two of Taurus’ greatest strengths are determination and focus, but when these Capricorns take an “I’m in charge” attitude, making authority and power their only motive, they alienate people right and left. They appear pushy and insensitive and, worst of all, completely ungrateful for the help given them. These are the pitfalls that lose them the cooperation they need so badly from their peers. After all, who ever liked a bullish and jealous power-junkie?

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