Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon

Capricorn Sun Virgo MoonCapricorn Sun Virgo Moon conceal a large amount of timidity under a rather impressive exterior. The result is that though you may get into positions of authority you are really better off when you are taking orders from someone else.


Your best position in life is found somewhere in the middle rank – not as a complete subordinate, and not as a top executive. You have excellent principles and won’t equivocate on them; you stand squarely and absolutely for the honorable course. But when you leave the realm of principle and get into action you are not nearly so forthright, for here your lack of self-assurance makes itself felt, and you waver around for decision as to action even when the principle involved is perfectly plain to you. You will do best in the professions, corporation law, the arts – anything where you can progress by sticking to the rules of the game. In business, where decisions must be made boldly, you are likely to have troubles; opportunities pass you by while you’re trying to make up your mind, and less worthy, more flashy and decisive people, go by you on the road to fame and fortune.


You have ambition enough and a certain amount of material luck, but when your fate rests in your own hands you juggle it as if it were a hot potato. Emotionally, you are something of a sensationalist – in fact, a good deal of a sensationalist. You are high-strung and highly organized and demand satisfaction of your desires. You are extremely popular with the opposite sex and never should lack for sweethearts except when indecision rears its ugly head. The emotional life is very important to you, despite the highly intellectual bent of your fundamental nature. You will marry for a combination of these. You are never likely to be swept off your feet by romance, however great, if it should present itself in the form of a person of low intellect. You are a good deal of an intellectual (and for that matter, social) snob and instinctively seek the right people and live in the right part of town. You are conventional, no matter how erratic you may appear.

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You should strive for self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and aggressiveness along constructive lines and resist all through your life the temptation to lean and depend on someone else.

Grant Lewi

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