Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising

When it’s time for Plan B, call in Capricorn with Virgo rising! These people are understated and conservative, but their shrewd, analytical, and calculating approach always figures a way to play the angles, solve the problems, and get the job done. The unassuming Virgo personality pays close attention to the details, and, with objectivity, the ability to see and organize the little things makes calm, cool, and collected Capricorn a powerful problem solver. These people don’t miss much. Capricorns born mid-evening are the managers who know how things work and love to get into the nuts and bolts of keeping it running. They’re respected and appreciated for their willingness to step out onto the assembly floor with rolled-up sleeves, ready to analyze the problem and apply the solution, even if it means tightening a few screws themselves. They probably enjoy better rapport with the plant workers than with the board members, anyway. Their modest Virgo isn’t likely to disregard the team; a deep appreciation for the help they get is more their style. And they’re often sought out for their advice because they’ve a shrewd intelligence that can figure out a workable solution pretty quickly. As a matter of fact, there’s apt to be a real thrifty-nickel here. They can always make it happen for less, but their penny-pinching ways just might become an obsession because they just love to save time and money.

But these Capricorns do need to avoid being smug about their analytical powers and their Wise Old Goat wisdom. It’s one thing to take pride in their problem-solving skills, but it’s quite another to taunt others with their intellect. A little humility has a better effect. Especially for these high and mighty mountain goats who so competently play a vital role in smoothing out the kinks in our day-to-day operations. Remember: They’ve already earned the respect and cooperation they’re asking for.

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