Moon in Gemini

These people have an instinct for words, so the sign produces wonderful teachers, writers, and speakers. Gemini Moons have a gift for molding communication into a form their listeners can absorb, often uncannily using their audience’s own words or language. They seem to almost instinctively know how to reach people on their own terms, so …

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Moon in Aries

Aries is the best Moon sign, at least according to those who have it. They have to be the best at nearly everything they do—otherwise it ruins their whole day. They’re not always aware of this instinctive competitiveness, for the Moon’s traits are often unconscious. Nonetheless, Aries represents the urge to be out in front …

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Moon in Aquarius

Ordinary folks with this Moon are likely to be anything but ordinary, with unusual ideas and predilections that set them apart from people around them. Diehard modernists, they’re likely to be the first to adopt a new idea, trend, fad, or gadget. Naturally the minute the fad becomes popular, they’re likely to reject it and …

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