Even though they are forthcoming and often have a magnetic personality they often find it hard to make close friends. They find it difficult at times to easily give of themselves because of their judgment of human nature so often they can come off as being a cold person. However, after they decide that someone is worth being friends with or loving, they will exert a near hypnotic and irresistible type of mental attraction on this person that they may be even ready to sacrifice all that they have for this person and will be faithful to them for the rest of their lives. But, they often can be disappointed emotionally because of their own extremely high ideals that this can cause them to be more demanding of others and if they happen to find out they’ve been deceived their angry can be horrible. If they feel they’ve been disillusioned they find it hard to forgive in fact often they can’t forgive.

People born under this sign often work well as scientists, astronomers, historians and may also excel at things such as photography, radiography and electronics. They also tend to express themselves well through writing and poetry. They can often be found as welfare workers and teachers. Some make good actors and musicians as well.

Some of their major faults are that they are egotistical, have excessive detachment and tend to be extremely dogmatic in their personal opinions. They tend to have a simmering anger and resentment towards those who may be their enemies and can become rude and even have a very threatening temper.