Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising

There’s more watery emotion here with gentle Pisces rising, and a sensitive Pisces personality provides the Capricorn ego with a light touch flexibility that many Capricorns lack; these people are both respectful and peaceful, with an unassuming attitude. They’re richly talented, sometimes delicate, and highly multi-faceted, and their ability to listen makes them superb administrators. …

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Capricorn Shadow

The shadow side of any zodiacal sign is connected with the parts of personality which the individual can’t recognize and can’t express. And you might expect that with all Capricorn’s realism and earthy wisdom and emphasis on the mundane and the practical, all those repressed emotions and dreams and fantasies have to go somewhere. After …

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Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising

This might be the most reserved and mysterious sun sign/rising sign combination in the zodiac. These people are exceedingly tight-lipped and often “all-knowing.” And there’s a hell-bent fearlessness in these “take it on the chin” Capricorns that equips them to handle unreasonably demanding jobs that others avoid. You can find them doing a remarkable job …

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