Capricorn Woman

It may be hard to imagine a woman who embodies the principle of the Father. But in fact it doesn’t make Capricorn women masculine. If anything, they often have a quality of femininity which epitomizes the fantasies of many men. Take, for example, Marlene Dietrich. Masculine? Well, not in any sense we understand the word. …

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Capricorn Man

Meet this man while he’s still in his twenties and you’ll probably not really see the goat. You’ll meet a goat in formation, and often he’ll seem like a worldly failure, or wanderer who is unsettled and unsure of his direction. Or he’ll seem to have given up and saddled himself with an unpromising future …

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Capricorn Shadow

The shadow side of any zodiacal sign is connected with the parts of personality which the individual can’t recognize and can’t express. And you might expect that with all Capricorn’s realism and earthy wisdom and emphasis on the mundane and the practical, all those repressed emotions and dreams and fantasies have to go somewhere. After …

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