12 Houses of the Zodiac

In astrology, you may often hear the term “house.” Nope, it has nothing to do with a home. These houses represent specific spaces in the celestial world. More accurately, they are a series of 12 divisions of the plane of the elliptic. The 12 zodiac signs and planets move through all the houses during the course of a day. Each house has its own unique qualities, which is what affects the information in your daily horoscope!

Here’s a closer look at what each house represents:

  • First House: One’s external personality or outward manner
  • Second House: Money, fortune, aspirations for wealth
  • Third House: Basic communication and mental processes
  • Fourth House: Family, ancestry, connections to the past
  • Fifth House: Risk-taking pleasures, affairs, self-indulgence
  • Sixth House: Well being, taking care of one’s self, health
  • Seventh House: Contractual relationships, marriage and partnerships
  • Eight House: Sexual drive, intimacy, reproduction
  • Ninth House: Intellect, philosophy, belief system
  • Tenth House: Influence on others, career potential, public standing
  • Eleventh House: Social interactions, effects on relationships
  • Twelfth House: Personal limitations, challenges and obstacles