The Five Elements of Chinese Zodiacs

The Five Element of Chinese Astrology

While the Chinese zodiac is made up of twelve horoscopes, each a different animal that rules the year, these animals are not the only thing that needs to be considered when doing any type of compatibility or horoscope reading. The five elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire – have direct influences on the zodiac sign as well. For example, you could be a Fire Dog or an Earth Dog, the same zodiac, two different elements, and a world of difference. Let’s take a look at the elements and see how they can influence our overall personality and lives.

Chinese astrology is based on math and science, making it a fairly exact method of predicting how certain things will affect people’s lives based on their personality and who they are. When adding the elements to the equation, is gets even more precise. Each element adds an additional layer of meaning to the animals that make up the zodiac. These elements influence our basic animal instincts and let us see them in a clearer, more focused light.


Fire people are impulsive, charming, enthusiastic, and emotionally restless, yet burning bright like the element you were born under. You are the natural leaders of the world.

Your decisive actions and presence inspire others, which is why you probably enjoy adventures of all sorts. You act on instinct, but also think over new ideas and solutions to the everyday problem. Your love life is combustible in a very good way, able to see to the core of an issue and finding a way to make it work between you and your special someone.

When you believe in a cause that is important, your mind cannot be swayed. This makes you look single-minded, so be careful how you present yourself.

Yin & Yang

Yang Fire would function as the burning heater, the stove, bonfires, volcanoes as well as the Sun.

Yin Fire would function as the well-lighted candlestick, the delicate warmth of a healing hands, incense, nightlights. Red wine, pyramids, and cones can also be noticed to help activate the Fire element.

Yang Fire individuals have an inclination to erupt and burn up, though Yin Fire individuals have a means of emanating a warm glow. Yang Fire persons are usually pretty belligerent, even going to the aim of bullying, although Yin Fire persons are generally far better leaders due to their capability to acquire other people to ‘heat up’ for them making use of their level of responsiveness and excellent sense of humor. However make absolutely no misunderstanding Fire types enjoy being in control, and all sorts of Fire types are usually unpredictable.


Those born under the element of woodlook for growth and renewal in everything. You like to ‘branch out’, and you have open minds, making you compassionate and generous.

You understand the value that you possess as well as the value of others. You are strong and confident and firm enough in your convictions to act on them. Your strength is the support of any social group or individual partnership you are currently involved in.

Beware though. That strength sometimes makes you passive and too logical in your thinking. When this happens, you become overwhelmed and inhibited. If you can overcome this one fault, you will leave a mark on the world, probably in some business venture.

Yin & Yang

Yin Wood symbolizes the power that it requires for any fresh blast to push-up over the floor, a chick would need to crack from the hard shell of an egg, or maybe a baby desires to come out to the world. Yin Wood also signifies development and growth. Yin/Wood individuals are superior at pulling out the very best in other people, particularly in a sensible approach.

Yang Wood symbolizes the growing of the seed, the consequence of innovation, the heart and soul of creation. Yang/Wood individuals are usually innovative. These people are fantastic at starting off things however commonly desire that other people finish off just what have recently been started out.


Like the planet we live on, Earth signs are wise, prudent, serene, strong in your beliefs, morals, ethics, and responsibilities.

You are the ones who live life like a planned book, trying to avoid unexpected events. You are logical, not emotional. Your discipline earns you respect when presented in the right way. You tend to fear the unknown, double guess yourself, and don’t believe in your dreams.

You need to open up and relax and let the world have benefit of your wisdom for you do have a lot to offer.

Yin & Yang

Yang Earth is represented by the Mountain, stones, crystals, granite, as well as precious gems. Yang Earth people are apt to have a genuine link with the land and they are focused on building structures, construction, or property to be a monetary system.

Yin Earth is normally symbolized simply by the soil where foods are grown. Yin Earth kinds tend to be more focused on the Earth’s potential for growing things, the way the earth nurtures and nourishes as well as what exactly the earth produces to be a monetary system.

Both seem to be ‘down to earth’ individuals, not really at risk from flights of imagination. Both of them are meditative, contemplative types, which could cause them to seem aloof and aren’t bothered. Neither of them can be involved with small talk.


The water people are the ones that are fluid and simply go with the flow. You have a quiet charm and strength allowing you to be diplomatic, intuitive, creative, and captivating.

Masters of persuasion, you gain trust and affection, and a following because of it. You know how to make everyone feel special. Be careful not to become passive, though. Be yourself, not what everyone wants you to be.

Like water, flow freely and give of yourself only what you wish, and take what they offer in return without compromising the real you.

Yin & Yang

The Yang Water persons are likely to end up self-focused, substantial, and travel substantially. These people are usually smooth talkers.

Yin Water persons are generally psychically blessed with serious thoughts. Their own pure communicatory capability can often be focused towards the Metaphysical or Spirit world.

While Water types love to take a trip on a vacation, they aren’t necessarily the ones taking the particular Adventure tours. These people choose the well visited paths.


If you are a metal, you are fiercely determined and self-reliant, sometimes even down right forceful. You enjoy life and the comfort and freedom afforded to you.

You also like to be left alone. You are the entrepreneurs, building your destiny your way. Of course, that also makes you seem set in your ways. People look up to you and while they do, you seem strong and virtuous.

Be careful not to be too demanding on everyone around you, including yourself. Being stern can get things done, just don’t cross the line into a dictator.

Yin & Yang

Yang Metal will be represented by kitchen knives, swords, ploughs, along with other razor-sharp accessories. Yang Metal individuals are impelled through the need to achieve success. These people are ambitious, sharp, and usually do not depend the expense of succeeding.

Yin Metal is represented by pocket watches, coins, ornaments and jewelleries. Yin Metal individuals, tend to be focused on the fruits associated with success compared to being successful itself.

In either case, the two types are generally success driven, and in most cases would rather end up being independantly employed instead of being employed by other people.