Gemini Horoscope 2022

 A new year. The Year Horoscope 2022 tells you what to expect in the Great Year of the Moon.

Idea-rich start to the year 2022

This year you will be so full of new ideas. The reward is therefore insight, not only in your profession but also in love.

Gemini love stars in the Year Horoscope 2022

Venus gives love, beauty, and artistic interest

The most intense times of love are displayed from the 3rd of April to the 7th of August (Venus in your own sign), so incredibly long, which will not happen so fast. So definitely enjoy these wonderful times!

Further good Venus times with Trigon advantages are available from January 1st to 13th and from October 28th to November 21st, indicating romantic, artistic, creative, and happy weeks.

Sextile Benefits of Venus are from 7.2. – 5.3. and from 6. to 30.9. displayed. So have fun and enjoyable times with the well-meaning and bewitching Venus, which always promotes our popularity!

Everything is possible for single twins

Do not let it go down! Even though flirting is not going so well at the beginning of the year, the year 2022 will still be big for you. No matter if it’s a hot affair or a new relationship – anything is possible this year.

So that nothing stands in the way of your new luck, mid-May to the end of June is the best time to finally conclude with past relationships.

Up and down for couples

Right at the beginning of the year, there could be the first dispute if the partner reacts sensitively. But do not despair: From the 8th of February you can quickly resolve disputes with your seduction arts.

It continues with pleasure until the 8th of August all stars are in the sign of passion. So it can only be a fiery summer.

But be careful: Do not let everyday disputes affect you in October. Already in November, the signs are back to love and your relationship finds the balance between taking and giving again.

Gemini Occupation and Finance in the Horoscope 2022

Creative ideas and twins, that fit together! Thanks to some success stories in January, you can take a small defeat in February well. Immediately afterward, you give full throttle again. This ambition will be rewarded in May. Thanks to the business planet Mercury!

Celebrate your successes and treat yourself to a little break, because already in August you build on your success story. September and November are all about creativity, style, and ingenuity.

Mercury’s communication gifts for work, money, and leisure

The best times of Mercury are displayed from the 11th to the 28th of May (Mercury in own sign), which actually only takes a short time and therefore should be exploited intensively.

There are more good times in the communication sector from 16 January to 3 February (Trigon). And the second good trine-time is given from the 5th to the 27th of September, which is why a lot can be achieved in these beautiful Trigon times.

Sextile Benefits Mercury will be available from April 11th to 27th and from 5th to 20th August. Who uses all these good times of Mercury intensively, will probably be very satisfied with his business, negotiations, and intellectual work.

Mercury declines three times a year, and traditionally and according to experience, the god of merchants may now become the god of thieves, which is why special care must be taken in negotiations, contracts, transactions, and important purchases to prevent mistakes :

The maybe critical times are 17.2.-10.3., 18.6.-12.7. and 14.10.-3.11.

Gemini Career and Work

Inventiveness, energy, and work energy of Mars

At the beginning of the year and until 16 February, the energy planet is in Sagittarius and thus constitutes an opposition that could point to difficulties in the interpersonal relationships, which of course have to be managed. In addition, be warned of hasty and aggressive behavior, as strong energies of Mars flow into us.

From 16.2. Until March 30, Mars moves through the Capricorn and now forms a Quincunx, which is also considered a deceptive aspect. So you should be very attentive now if such maneuvers are involved. And then, uncovered, they are ineffective.

From March 30th to May 13th Mars lives in Aquarius, which is why a very beneficial trine is formed during this time. A Marstrigon is also always a sign that the Martian forces can now freely flow into constructive paths, which, among other things, will lead to a passionate love of life.

From the 13th of May to the 28th of June, Mars stays in the fish, giving a square, and that means you have to be patient because some things could be delayed and prevented. – From June 28th to the end of the year, Mars stays in Aries, which makes for a pleasant sextile, and that has a wonderful effect on the twins.

Your health horoscope 2022

Attention, you need a break at the beginning of the year, so you can really accelerate from mid-March to mid-May. Why not grab the opportunity and improve your condition?

As soon as the first rays of sunshine in the middle of May, you are in your element. A certain basic fitness in combination with mental strength you now distinguish. Enjoy that before the summer kilos of light kitchens are declared a fight in September.

A little tip: painting and crafts will help you to switch off in October, so you have the necessary rest for December. But do not overdo it and give your body and mind a rest.

THE YEAR’S SHORESKOP FOR THE TWINS 2022 by star astrologer Erich Bauer

In 2022, you kiss the love star, Venus

The moon rules the year. At first this does not bring you any advantages, because you are an air sign and the moon is a water element in astrology. Air and water do not go well together. But there are also benefits, even very good ones: the friendliest of the planets, Venus, also known as the Love Planet, stands in your zodiac sign from April to August, more than four months. Immediately afterwards, Mars offers its partnership.

You do not need to feel disadvantaged in any way. The year will be fine. But maybe it is advisable to make more friends with the moon. Because then you will have even more fun in the coming year. The moon stands for our feelings, something that happens in us. As an air sign you are primarily interested in the outside world. But if you give more space to the moon, the world outside will elicit an echo in you. That’s nice. How it works? Do not be exclusively focused on the outside, turn your attention more inward, take your time. In this way, your life is similar to paradise. When Power Planet Mars is available from July, you can show the whole world what a great, happy and successful person you are. What else you need to know: the planets Pluto and Jupiter are at an angle to your star sign. That makes you reckless. If it goes stupid, you can be embarrassed. I know, lightness is actually your nicest side as a twin. But in 2022 you should keep reminding yourself not to do anything stupid. That refers to everything: occupation, relationship, dealing with money. If you take that into account, everything will be fine.

Gemini 2022 – Jupiter’s luck and success

Lucky Planet Jupiter is in Capricorn and will be there until December 19, 2022, giving the twins a quincunx angle. According to recent research, the Quincunx is interpreted as rather difficult. It is made up of a positive sextile and a tense square, but you usually do not feel the positive or tense effects very clearly for yourself, but rather mingled, so that sometimes you are unaware or unsure. The optimism of Jupiter with his self-confidence and joie de vivre will appear again and again, but insecurity could occur in between as well. Now beware of overwork and exaggeration of any kind. If symptoms now report symptoms, consult the doctor, as the Quincunx is also considered a disease aspect. It is also a time of transition, which requires reflection and a reorientation, this Quincunx time. So that Jupiter will soon be able to influence our lives much more with his precious gifts.

Saturn’s trials and rewards

The rigorous master Saturn will be in Capricorn and Aquarius in Lunar Year 2022 because when he enters Aquarius from Capricorn, he will decline and therefore return to Capricorn. What he becomes direct again and therefore gets back into the Aquarius. However, this naturally always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:

Saturn in Capricorn: 1.1.2022 – 22.3.2022, 2.7.2022 – 17.12.2022.

Saturn in Aquarius: 22.3.2022 – 2.7.2022, 17.12.2022 – 7.3.2023.

Saturn in Capricorn also gives the twins a Quincunx aspect, which also indicates a reorientation. If anything should change in life now, then the best time would be given to initiating this. But the Quincunx is also seen as a danger of deception of the forces, which is why it is now pointed out that we could now also be exposed to falsehoods. But if we pay special attention, we will come after these machinations. That is also the meaning of this time.

Standing in Aquarius, Saturn then forms an advantageous trine to the sun of the twins, which will now have a very stabilizing effect on the conditions. A trine with Saturn always points to luck and continued success, but that also requires discipline, creativity, and enduring commitment. It could be that you are now offered a position of trust, which of course would be very pleasing.