You’re in your element as June begins … and that means you’re definitely in your head. Oh, Gemini, how easy it is for you to think and think and overthink. Mercury, your ruler, will remain in your sign until June 12, adding plenty of sparkle and wit to your communication — but be wary of what you say and how you say it on June 6. Mercury will square off with nebulous Neptune, making it impossible for anything to come out in the way you intend, or at least in a way that other people believe.

Fortunately, a New Moon in Gemini on June 13 will quickly have you back on your feet and in a place of fresh starts. This annual lunation in your sign is your signal from the universe to make those wishes and set new intentions for whatever it is you really want to manifest over the coming year. Don’t hold back. Most of all, don’t think small. As if you would…

Venus enters your communication sector on the same day as this lunation, bringing grace and charm to your words in a way that others will find impossible to resist. Honestly, if you have to convince anyone to do anything, you’ve got an edge through July 9. You won’t even need to manipulate the conversation or force your agenda during this time. Whoever you’re speaking to will feel an enthusiastic buzz from your words and a playful desire to participate in your conversations. This will be an amazing time to foster a new love connection since you’re likely to meet someone who loves to talk about pleasurable topics as much as you do!

The cosmic buzzkill won’t happen until the end of the month, but it will happen. Mars, the planet of assertive drive and action, turns retrograde on June 26 and remains in hibernation mode through August 27. This retrograde mainly occurs in your 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Education, and Spiritual Pursuits. If you’re going after any type of goal connected with publishing, advertising, broadcasting, or an international matter, you may experience frustrating delays at this time.

Same goes for traveling abroad, especially if it connects to your education. You might, as an example, need to contend with a frustrating delay in getting a student visa. You could also find it difficult to remain motivated at all when it comes to your educational goals. If you need any type of credentialization, you may need to take a step back and decide whether or not it will truly help you maximize achieving your overall goals. Be honest with yourself.


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