Gemini Sun Aries Moon

You are quick as a cat, witty, versatile, mobile, both in mind and in body. You are a witty companion, a dangerous opponent, especially in a battle of words, for your retorts have a lightning-like speed and a sharpness of intention that can get through the thickest skin. Not a profound thinker or a careful student, you none the less have a vast fund of information, stories, and quips. Something is always reminding you of something, and the result is likely to be the delight of the assembled multitude. You are the life of the party. Your aptness in human relations makes you popular, and you are likely to reach some important position through popularity. You will rely on wit to replace hard work or justice, and quickness to replace serious application. Wherever you may be, you are a sort of soldier of fortune, romantic, individualistic, versatile, a fighter who wins the battle of life less by combat than by being in so many places at once that blows cannot hit him.

Though you make friends readily, slap people on the back intimately, and leave them pretty much set up over their own importance and your own good fellowship, you are pretty hard-headed underneath. A certain selfishness marks you, and in the middle of your good humor you are looking out for number one. Shrewd in business matters, you will accumulate a competence not by saving, which very thought is foreign to you, but by slapdash methods. You have such infinite faith in your own powers that so long as you have your health you can’t imagine not being secure. You throw off momentary worries with your fundamentally high spirits. You are pretty likely to slide through life easily, without too much harm or trouble, for your emotional nature is inclined to be happy-go lucky. You’re ardent – for a while – but it takes a persistent and tolerant sweetheart to get along with you for very long, for your mind (and heart) wanders and perhaps even forgets to come back. Two marriages at least are generally indicated by this position.

Intellectually of great possibilities, the danger of this position is that glibness and facility will make it unnecessary for you ever to develop your mental or personal powers past the elementary stages. In any case, physical activity will be marked, and whatever field you may be in you will be on the move all the time, not only mentally, but also physically and geographically. This is a restless combination, and you will move around from place to place, from study to study, from occupation to occupation, or from sweetheart to sweetheart, as if by second nature.

Grant Lewi

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