Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon

You hide a world of determination under a very genial and apparently “easy” exterior. You are a source of surprise to friends and associates who may think they can put things over on you. They find out. You are affable, courteous, social, generous, but no one can impose on you, and your business judgment is amazingly shrewd. You are likely to get pretty much what you want in the world by taking people unawares, for you chat gaily, talk volubly, get apparently sidetracked from the business in hand – and before you know it your vis-à-vis has agreed to something that maybe he doesn’t want to. You have a fine sense of justice and, despite a show of independence and individuality, are strictly conventional. You bargain shrewdly, but you are fair and utterly honorable. You are intensely ambitious, and when you settle yourself into a career, after early casting around, you go far, for your nervousness and restlessness are well controlled. Your intellectual grasp of matters, including yourself, replaces an early, highly personal attitude, and a sort of intellectual detachment lends direction and force to your life. Emotionally, though you are a good fellow, you are somewhat cold in personal dealings, though a sense of justice is likely to prevent any overt unkindness. You are highly sensitive and also conscious of other people’s sensitive points, though it may suit your purposes to ignore them, when you can be unkind, with a wide-eyed astonishment at the other fellow’s bewilderment and harm. You are analytical rather than creative, and rarely go in for the arts; professional and business life are your best media. You are somewhat selfish, especially where your career is concerned, and capable of the utmost in diplomacy where it seems called for. But you don’t think it good policy to antagonize people, however insignificant. “Good policy” is your constant aim, and through your capable mentality, your determination to succeed, and your ability to pick your way carefully in human relationships, you can carry yourself a long way up the ladder. A little more of the personal touch, a little more susceptibility to romance, lend warmth to the character.

A just, dependable, and loyal friend. Without these, you are a little cold, but your very detachment is your strength and your foundation.

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