Gemini Sun Capricorn Rising

There’s much more orderliness here than with other Geminians. This is a responsible personality coupled with a quick and efficient ego. So “do what’s expected, plus!” is the name of the game. As children, these people act older than their years, taking a serious approach to most things and happy to be helpful. They’re in good stead with their teacher and their parents because homework and chores always get done without anyone asking twice. They have the air of the boss about them. They’re not impressed with intensity, raised voices, a lack of punctuality, or any hint of disrespect or carelessness. They’re truly the “keeper of the keys.” But the big issue here is attitude. Sometimes the conversational Gemini is all but absent in this overly serious Capricorn personality. With a yearning to be productive and a “business is business” demeanor, Gemini with Capricorn rising is a bona fide manager. Given their likes and interests, these Geminians might work in the pharmacy or in the parts department of an auto shop. Their quick-minded Gemini teamed with Capricorn rising swiftly finds whatever items are needed to fill the order. With the sardonic cynicism of the Wise Old Goat and their characteristic Gemini glibness, they might be stand-up comics or comedy writers who turn life’s bitter ironies into a knee-slapping feast.

Geminians born early evening are quick-minded and informed, but their personality might be too authoritative. Their bossy demeanor can become a real pain if they don’t lighten up and maintain a sense of humor. With their “I’m the boss, so do it because I said so” mentality they run the risk of alienating people and making things more difficult than they need to be. And a reserved, unapproachable Capricorn on display makes it difficult to read them. If they avoid an overly official posture, they get better results. [..]

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