Gemini Sun Gemini Moon

Nerves are your bête noir and a kind of continuous high-voltage runs through you restlessly affecting both your mental and emotional natures. You are quick to enter into and quick to jump out of romances, and before you marry you are pretty sure to know from experience what you are up to. At least no one will ever say you jumped at the first chance you had. You will rarely admit that you are fickle, for you have some plausible explanation to offer for all the variations in your heart life. What the cause really is you only know – probably a critical approach to other people that brings their flaws to the surface and causes you to tire of or become disappointed in them. You exhaust their possibilities quickly, and your variety is so infinite that while they are still trying to catch on to you, you are off to some place or someone else. You have a searching, quick mind which doesn’t get far beneath the surface of things. You are an omnivorous reader even when you aren’t a deep student. You are also a great talker – glib, facile, witty, and clever but are likely to rattle on at a great rate. There’s more than a little of the gossip here. You have tremendous intellectual and artistic possibilities once you have learned to concentrate, which is the chief lesson you have to learn, and if put to it you can be successful in business, for you are extremely adaptable. You are independent but know how to yield opportunistically when the occasion arises.

You are popular and a great traveler, loving to be on the go and to have lots of people around you. To you even strangers are preferable to solitude, for you haven’t a great deal of self-sufficiency and require people around you. Having lots of friends and probably also lots of relatives, you don’t have much trouble accomplishing this, but you have to be careful that people, parties, and gatherings aren’t wearing you out even when you think you are having the best of times. You need rest, relaxation, and quiet and should train yourself to get plenty of them, despite your wish to be always on the move.

Grant Lewi

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