Gemini Sun Gemini Rising

These people are busy-minded chatterboxes! They’re full of questions, and they give new meaning to multi-tasking. No one juggles two, three, or four things at one time as efficiently as these quick-minded, quick-moving flit-arounds. They might be unsettled, but they’re incomparably pleasant!

Geminians with Gemini rising are Jitterbug Gemini through and through. They never get bored. They’ll always find something that interests them. Though many other astrological factors can influence the physical type, the usual Gemini youthful appearance and slightly built body are typical here. They love to be in motion, walking, jogging, or bicycling through the neighborhood, waving to neighbors or stopping briefly to chat. Ping-pong and tennis usually appeal to them; anything that flits back and forth or changes directions quickly is their bailiwick. The exercise of to-and-fro is even at work in Gemini’s love of reading: These folks are often fast readers, adept at scanning words. But slowing down to absorb the meaning and retain the information is very important. Their curiosity is boundless; they’re often drawn to magazines and newspapers that offer up information in neat, little packages. But it’s easy for them to miss the point. (Be ready to repeat yourself when talking to them!) [..]

And these Geminians do love to drive. They’ll be willing to give you a ride to the ends of the earth, and you’ll definitely enjoy the trip. They love gadgetry, too, whether it’s at their fingertips on the dashboard or sitting in the entertainment center. Information-giving gadgetry—like global positioning systems, calculators, and computers—are especially their cup of tea. Eager to share what they know and naturally pleasant, Geminians born around dawn are especially equipped to gather information and answer questions in positions such as telephone directory assistance or classroom instruction. But a deliberate pursuit of mental focus is recommended if they’re to be truly knowledgeable as opposed to scatterbrained.

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