Gemini Sun Leo Moon

 An apparently happy-go-lucky nature conceals a good deal of sound good sense in you, just as the apparent fickleness of your romantic life conceals a deep-seated loyalty and fidelity. On the way to stability in love you go through a lot of indecision, wavering, and probably vocal lamenting of the difficulty you have in making up your mind. But when you do make it up and get married, you stick. You are clever and quick intellectually, with a ready grasp of facts, information, and people. You have great staying powers and can master anything that you set your mind on.

Early in life you are so sociable that you may not give much attention to studies, skimming the surface and getting by with your quickness rather than because of any strict application to work. But as you grow older you become more serious minded and are likely to go on studying and learning all your life. Your love-life is extremely important to you, and you will give up anything in the world to have peace and security and love around you. You hate quarrels and, though you won’t allow yourself to be imposed on, will keep the peace for a long time even under pretty trying circumstances. When aroused, you are capable of high temper and of speaking your mind in no uncertain terms. You are ardent and demonstrative and, because of your sunny disposition and lively witty speech, popular and sought after socially. If in a woman’s horoscope, this may make you a leader socially or even politically, for you are able to use your popularity to good practical advantage.

You are blessed with a “personality” and with a good level head, and you should fight down as unworthy the dejected states you fall into. You are lucky and, if you put your energies to constructive use, can do a good deal in the world through ability and popularity.

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