Gemini Sun Leo Rising

These are the well-informed people who inspire your confidence and hold themselves responsible for their deeds. They’re not as prone as other Geminians to gloss over things and miss the point. And with their cordial open-mindedness, they are always willing to listen to objections. What’s not to like? When we mix Gemini’s “smart aleck” with Leo’s attention-getter, we might end up with a real character. These folks are quick-witted and entertaining.

With mid-morning magnetism, Gemini geniality, Leo confidence, and Leo rising’s striking appearance, especially regarding the crown of the head, this combination usually results in an impressive person. These Geminians are romantic and demonstrative with their affections, and they’ve that wonderful Leo generosity. Very impressive indeed! Just pay them a compliment and see how they react. Their intelligent, well-read Gemini is usually front and center on current events and almost any other subject you might care to discuss; and if you thank them for their intelligent input, they’ll love you forever.

Geminians with Leo rising are inspiring networkers, and probably flirtatious. Oh, yeah! There’s lots of fun to be had here! They’re great schoolteachers, promoters, entertainers, or spiffy clerks behind the front desk of a posh hotel. They’re responsible and take their work and relationships seriously, but they still love to be noticed. Anyone in love with one of these people is well advised to give them lots of attention because they move along pretty quickly in the face of neglect or disrespect. They know from their life’s experience that a new and inspiring opportunity might not be too difficult to find.

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