Gemini Sun Libra Moon

You are an active, imaginative, romantic person – clever, sociable, and idealistic – and you lead an active life in which you combine business and pleasure to good advantage. A good amount of luck in material matters eases your way of life, and you are able, through influential friends and your own efforts, to rebound from the varied experiences that come your way. You have a good deal of optimism and elasticity and don’t stay down in the depths for long. You take advantage of stings as you find them, for you have no wish to mold people or the world to your will, but rather make it your practice to adapt yourself. Thus you are able to find something to interest you or something with which to earn your living wherever you pop up. Being a restless and active person, you’re likely to pop up almost anywhere on a moment’s notice.

You like to travel and would be a Nellie Bly, the World Traveler, if you could be. This failing, you travel when and as you can or else take out your restlessness in the variety of your friends, sweethearts, books, or studies. You are nervous and voluble, a good conversationalist – maybe too good – for your stories are likely to become detailed, complex, and long. You’re a yarn spinner, delighting in anything that smacks of the personal or the romantic, but an absence of malice removes you from the gossip category. In matters of the affections you are passive rather than ardent, and you quickly wear out the possibilities of your sweethearts and go on to new fields. You’ll stand for no fooling, and will leave a sweetheart (or wife or husband) rather than tolerate any personal or financial injustice from him. You survive emotional turmoil and change well, rebounding from disappointment and going on.

This is a good position for dealing with large groups of people, and in social work, personnel work, or executive duties involving many individuals, you can be successful.

Grant Lewi

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