Gemini Sun Libra Rising

These are some delightfully nice people! When Likable Libra’s obliging people-skills adorn Gemini’s natural chattiness, personal interaction is practically recreational, and everyone gets their fair share. Geminians with Libra rising usually know how to say just the right thing at just the right time; they’re genuinely interested in the people and things around them, unusually aware of how they’re being received, and willing to meet others more than halfway. Their Gemini curiosity might get them inquiring about things that aren’t any of their business, but people usually succumb to their charms and reveal themselves because these folks are so obviously well-meaning; there’s rarely any phoniness here, and no underhanded conniving going on, either. They simply revel in helping people. And the benefit of all this charm is that the process of “who they know, not what they know” puts them in the seat of opportunity every time. They benefit from the resources of others while adding their own element and improving circumstances for all concerned.

There’s a premium on considerate fair play here, and an emphasis on ethics that equips these Geminians for the Judiciary. They’re good teachers and honest salespeople. They might have a legginess and physical grace that greatly benefits their presentation. And although they might find themselves spread pretty thin in their quest to be all things to all people, if they’re well-connected with compatible people who appreciate them—no problem! Their next opportunity is bigger and better, and just around the corner.

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