Gemini Sun Pisces Moon

Intuition is your best friend and your worst enemy. It is your best friend at the times when it is accurate, and your worst enemy when it is wrong – because, right or wrong, you have a sense of its being right – and it can lead you into very profitless paths. You are sensitive and impressionable to other people and highly protective in getting your emotions into a place where they can’t be hurt. This makes you at times more voluble in defense of your rights, your loves, or your opinions than you have to be. You have a habit of explaining your motives at considerable length, as if the entire world cared about the whys and wherefores of your mental and emotional processes. You are highly introspective and capable of holding fixed ideas about yourself which may be completely at variance with the facts.

You believe yourself misunderstood and nurse an image of yourself as you really are, in the firm and somewhat hurt conviction that the rest of the world doesn’t see or appreciate the real you. Your emotional life is tortured by your mental processes, for in addition to being very affectionate you are also very critical, and you have a hard time reconciling the two. You crave sympathy, understanding, and love, but this doesn’t prevent details from interfering with the course of love and diverting you from it. You’ll seek an intellectual, or an aesthetic, affinity, and perhaps leave out, or be totally ignorant of, realistic considerations.

You have a quick, perceptive mind when you aren’t daydreaming or absorbed in your own woes. You make a good shrewd business man, being able to detach your ideals from matters of business and act according to the routine and motives around you.

You tend, under any circumstances, to fall into periods of dejection and depression varying in intensity and length, and your constant aims should be objectivity, detachment from your woes and problems, and optimism. Most of the troubles in the world never happen, but in your mind they all happen very vividly, plus a lot of woes that never were on land or sea. Build up a sense of your own worth, step out into the middle of life, and your internal troubles will take care of themselves.

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