Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

These people are unassuming, and they aim to please—but they’re a tad secretive. Peaceful Pisces’ “don’t rock the boat” mentality has an interesting effect on chatty Gemini. The non-combative, unassuming qualities of Pisces the cosmic traveler blend pretty well with Gemini’s sincerity. These Geminians avoid disagreement and disapproval at all costs; they keep their mouth shut and their ears open to a much greater degree than most other silver-tongued Geminians. They’re intelligent listeners who not only comprehend the information they’ve gotten; they follow up by emotionally absorbing the deeper meaning. Their intent is to avoid intensity, so they cooperate and assist. But Gemini does love to chat, so Geminians with Pisces rising are more free with their words in less public circumstances, such as intimate telephone conversations or in the online chat room where they’re physically unseen and feel more secure. They’re always willing to stay on the phone with a far-flung family member, listening to their difficulties and hoping to be helpful. They’re sharp-minded quick learners, and they love to be home alone with a good book. They’re often drawn to photographs and illustrations, and are sometimes adept photographers themselves. They’ve an eye for imagery, and are sometimes fascinatingly photogenic.

Pisces’ vivid imagination can aid Gemini’s busy mind in many instances, but sometimes these folks get scattered and find themselves confused or misunderstood, wandering far from reality, overprotective of their children and tempted to withdraw into their own safe harbor to appease their insecurities. They’re well-advised to not blow things out of proportion; they need to stay grounded to be able to discern which people truly appreciate them and which do not. These Geminians have a somewhat delicate psyche that often leads them into marriages and partnerships with strong-willed individuals who penalize them for any misjudgment, no matter how trivial. Already delicate by nature and apprehensive of confrontation, Pisces reacts by silently withdrawing, and that’s no complement to Gemini’s need for productive communication. They still benefit from—and take pleasure in—communicating, so a state of cowed reticence doesn’t work well and it never fulfills them. They’re wise to take courage and stand up for themselves.

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