Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon

You’re a romantic. you believe in the far away and long ago. Things at a distance make an appeal to you with the result that you are always on the move. Either you are actually traveling or you are getting the satisfaction of mobility in stories and yarns, real and imagined, of out of-the-way places such as you read of in romances. This is O. K. so long as your yarn-spinning stays in the realm of the imagination purely, but when you apply that imagination of yours to your friends and start to tell tall tales about them – look out! You love to hold the center of the stage and to appear to know the inside dope on any and all subjects – with the result that what you say is frequently unreliable. Not that you mean to tell untruths, but your imagination is so vivid that you really believe what you say and can make others believe it.

You must cultivate mental accuracy, for the analytical and scientifically critical bent is not native to you, and you’re gullible as well as inventive where stories are concerned. With any encouragement at all you will believe in ghosts, witches and warlocks, spiritualism, and the weird products of seances. Stay away from things like this, for they only feed your imagination with trouble-making imagery. A tendency to tell all you know and to invent what you don’t know is likely to get you into trouble. There isn’t an ounce of malice in your nature, but you can set whole neighborhoods by the ears with a carelessly dropped hint of scandal.

You are romantic as well as adventurous and not very constant in love, though when you fall you generally stay put for some time. You are restless, however, and tire of people, and this position frequently leads to more than one marriage. You need mental training and should forego the reading of novels and romances for some definite, set line of study, which will do much to overcome restlessness. You are popular, lively and gay in company, very expressive, and a pretty good listener. Your facility in speech and movement makes you a good actor while your peculiar brand of tact makes it possible for you to succeed in a business or political career. You are a hard person to pin down and can get around a good many situations that would stump others. But you aren’t invulnerable and are likely to meet your match some day, unless you train yourself strictly in logical mental processes, when your quickness, shrewdness, and insight into people will carry you far.

Grant Lewi

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