Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon

Your intellectual quickness and your emotional depth can combine to make you a forceful, magnetic, and versatile person if you can ever get them working together. The danger of your nature is that sensationalism, over-emphasis on the personal and self-indulgent pleasures of life, will absorb your vitality and your energy. You can so easily become a playboy (or playgirl!). You are sensitive to the impressions you receive from other people, intuitive, and magnetic, and your power over others is your strength and your weakness. When you are living on the cold, detached, intellectual, and analytical plane you control others through a sort of impelling diplomacy. But when you are pleasure – or sensation – seeking, others control you. Of considerable brilliance and promise, you tend to fall in with evil companions and to be attracted to the waifs and strays of the world. You have to be continuously careful of your associates not only because “a man is known by the company he keeps” but also because you’re prone to take on the color of your surroundings and therefore, the better the surroundings, the better color you take on. Without caution, you can be like the chameleon which, being put on a Scotch plaid, went crazy trying to make good. You will rise when the tide is rising and sink when it sinks, if you aren’t always vigilant in keeping alive your driving force.

All manner of self-indulgence is dangerous to you: watch out for it. Emotionally you are ardent – while the emotion lasts – but unlikely to find happiness through your emotional life. The objective, detached approach is best for you in all things. The hard streak applied to the world makes for progress, but applied to love makes for unhappiness. Both men and women with this position have their major trouble through the opposite sex. You are better equipped for an artistic or professional career than for business, for your highly personalized nature demands a personal rather than a routine recognition. Through expression of your own ego in the arts and professions you tend to build constructively on your need for acclaim and to turn your pride to good account. Look out for a tendency to drift and daydream. And look out that ability to plan and visualize does not turn into mere opportunistic scheming over petty matters off the beaten track of progressive living.

Grant Lewi

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