Gemini Sun Taurus Moon

You are one of the most popular people you know. Your cleverness makes friends and your stability keeps them. For, underlying the fluency and facility of Gemini, is the solid rock of Taurus, and though the circumstances of your world may bring you disappointment and unhappiness through separations from, or unreliability in, those you love, you yourself remain untouched and loyal to your ideals and your friends. You are romantic without being fickle; you will rarely let go of a firmly established relationship. You make a good executive, having persistence and determination that may surprise those who see only the surface glitter and charm of your nature. You also have marked intellectual and artistic gifts.

You are likely to see through people pretty thoroughly at the same time that you are tolerant of them. But you aren’t fooled. The simpleton, the rogue, and the four flusher appear to you in their true colors, no matter what mask they wear, and you have your own capable way of seeing that they don’t hurt you, at the same time that you don’t hurt them. This is a good combination for worldly progress, giving you sound business judgment and common sense as well as an aptitude for tipsiness intricacies.

Grant Lewi

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