Gemini Sun Taurus Rising

These are the most focused, determined, articulate Geminians of all, and unlike most Geminians they prefer to slow down and bask in the sensual—or even stop to smell the roses. They love beauty and their animal comforts. And their clever minds conjure all kinds of ways to treat themselves better. If they like you, you’re welcome to all they possess; their generosity is limitless, rooted in Gemini’s airy perception of life. Taurus can attract beautiful things, but Gemini is in tune with the pleasures of sharing. So it’s quite an awesome combination.

The Taurus personality obscures much of the Gemini ego, in both positive and negative ways. Taurus, the Banker, provides stability to Gemini’s hummingbird flightiness, but can also make Gemini stubborn and much more demanding. An important issue here is how deliberate these Geminians are. If they think things through before they commit themselves, all is well. But the flit-around quality of Gemini can make a big mess with a Taurus, the bull, personality. They’re focused, intense, and articulate, but mindless behavior can bring devastating consequences if these folks don’t use Gemini’s light touch. It’s very important that these Geminians keep an open mind because their tendencies toward superficiality can leave them locked up in materialistic bull-headedness. But when these Geminians’ minds are empowered with a focus on worthwhile information, they’re unusually well-equipped to deliver that information impressively. Geminians with Taurus rising might be adept orators or memorable lecturing professors. Not that they’re unhappy in the cab of a Mack truck, which allows them to simultaneously fulfill their Gemini wanderlust while their sedentary Taurus stays seated for hours at a time: They can travel a thousand miles without ever leaving their seat!


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