Gemini Sun Virgo Moon

You’re moody and temperamental. under a sprightly and gay exterior you hide a world of woe and may look upon yourself as a Pagliacci sort of person – laugh, clown, laugh – or the smile that hides the breaking heart. There’s a good deal of self-dramatization here, with a tendency to feel misunderstood or unappreciated. Your romanticism is highly colored by a worship of the mind, and your constant aim is mental affinity – with a contradictory inclination for thinking yourself intellectually above your circle, your sweetheart, your husband, or your wife. This is part of your tendency to discontent, for in some way or another the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You have a hard time settling yourself for long, and this carried into intellectual and employment matters causes you to jump from one thing to another, always finding a good reason for doing so, but at the same time not getting deeply into anything. You have a hard time completing jobs, tiring even of the things you start with great enthusiasm and you are similarly capable of dropping people who have been in their day grand passions.

Although this position gives the creative flair, or rather a desire to be an artist or writer, it rarely gives the concentrative ability necessary for success along these lines. The urge is less creative than it is an admiration for intellectual people and a desire to belong in their circle. Thus you are likely to be imitative rather than original and to take Stevenson’s injunction “to play the sedulous ape” too seriously and too absolutely. You succeed best in business if you can bring yourself to stick to it, for you have quickness and adaptability, and putting these to constructive use will make you a valuable asset to some executive or organization.

Seek first contentment – an ability to relax and be happy in your world as you find it – and second, purpose and stick-to-it-ive-ness, after which your mental facility and business sense will show forth to good advantage.

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