Gemini Sun Virgo Rising

These are the busiest minds on the planet. These people are world-class analyzers with an insatiable curiosity. When Virgo’s natural helpfulness and productivity combine with Gemini’s Mr. Nice Guy approach, an extremely modest and well-intended person is likely to emerge. Their helpfulness is second to none. Both Virgo and Gemini hold intelligence in the highest regard, so Geminians with Virgo rising usually have a wealth of information with which to solve problems and fix things. They ferret out inconsistencies, compute the figures, analyze the data, and serve up the results to whomever requires them, with enough explanation and annotation to make the information useful. Whether they’re bookkeepers in the back room; efficient, multi-tasking medical assistants; or discerning retailers who know just how to display their merchandise, they never miss the details.

But they’re always trying to figure out this or that, dismissing their feelings as womanly nonsense, and, of course, this leads to misguided judgments. Knowing our will and using our intelligence are the two ingredients to “smart,” but smart does not equal wise. Smart is in our heads, but wise is in our deeds. If we don’t act responsibly in accord with what we know, our wisdom is lost. And if we don’t add our intuition to what we want and think, our judgment can’t progress from smart to wise! Our feelings always need to be considered because sometimes the wisest option won’t make logical sense. Seeing themselves relative to others doesn’t usually pose a problem for these Geminians, due to their noontime birth. But introspection might be a lot more challenging. If Virgo, the Worry Wart, leads these Geminians down the path of fretfulness and insecurity, they can become a bundle of nerves, second-guessing themselves into a major migraine. They need to zero in on what’s happening inside, as well as see themselves in context, relative to their surroundings.

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