Gemini Symbolism

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Now the two primal spirits, who reveal themselves in visions as Twins, are the Better and the Bad in thought, word and action. And, between the two, the wise ones choose aright. the foolish not so.

Zend A vesta

The most obvious interpretation of the symbol for Gemini is the roman numeral two, II. This defines perfectly the dualistic nature of the sign, but occult glyphs and symbols are multi leveled in what they represent and the glyph for the Twins is especially rich in its allegorical implications.

On the physical plane, we see II as depicting the parts of the body ruled by the third sign: the hands, the arms, and the lungs. Gemini also stands for the bilateral structure of the larynx, for individuals born during this astrological month are gifted and animated orators.

As an airy sign, Gemini is quite concerned with the mental and communicative faculties. He can be the imitative monkey or the inventive genius; the comic who uses foreign accents in his routines or the accomplished polyglot. Thus the dualistic character for this sign portrays the polarity of the various mental processes displayed by the Twins.

Mind serves to analyze, to separate what is being viewed from the viewer; it objectifies. Those highly developed Geminians will be able to combine these aspects of the rational mind with the higher realms of the intuitive faculties. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, embodies reason. It is said to be in its exaltation (i.e., the sign which brings out its best properties) in Aquarius, the sign of genius.

Historically, the symbol was used by the Spartans when they went into battle as it depicted their Twin Gods. An older symbol was the Akkadian cuneiform YY, which was the ideograph of the month “Kas,” corresponding to those parts of May and June which are associated with Gemini.

In its highest form, Gemini embodies the principle of the joining of twin souls for greater creativity. It is also the force of mind united with Spirit and carried into physical manifestation by the mechanical use of the hands and the wise application of the word.

Alan Oken

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