Horoscope Gemini 1st Decanate

By means of a bear – URSA MINOR – whose restless activity and power suggest that of the mind, the ancients depicted the Mercury-decanate of Gemini. And because the unconscious mind is not so obvious as the objective mind, this bear is small. So too, travels about the sky backward. Thus must one direct his attention contrary to the trend of objective life to hear “the voice of the silence.”

Perhaps unconsciously, yet none the less effectively, those born in the Gemini third of Gemini tend to rely upon intuition. Their natural field of endeavor is the mental plane. They see, not merely the details of a problem, but view it completely, perceiving the proper relation of each part to the whole. And if they are not carried away by the restless desire to undertake too many things, they may become intellectual giants. For they assimilate all they contact and their deductions rise spontaneously from the soul.

Alighieri Dante, who intuitively grasped so many cosmic truths and portrayed them in his “Inferno,” was born when the Sun passed through this decanate. George Bernard Shaw, who comprehends in their entirety so many of the present-day world problems and presents them in his lucid literary style, was born when the Moon was here. And Richard Wagner, the composer, who saw and felt the great truths of nature and expressed them so adequately in music, was born when this decanate was on the Ascendant. It is the decanate of INTUITION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man in whose hand is a rod, and he is, as it were, serving another; it granteth wisdom, and the knowledge of numbers and arts in which there is no profit.

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man in whose hand is a rod, and he is, as it were, serving another; it granteth wisdom, and the knowledge of numbers and arts in which there is no profit.

8 of Swords – Shortened Force:

Too much force applied to small things: too much attention to detail at the expense of the principal and more important points. When ill dignified, these qualities produce malice, pettiness, and domineering characteristics. Patience in detail of study; great care in some things, counterbalanced by equal disorder in others. Impulsive; equally fond of giving or receiving money or presents; generous, clever, acute, selfish and without strong feeling of affection. Admires wisdom, yet applies it to small and unworthy objects.

Number: 8
Card Title: Eight of Swords
Esoteric Title: Lord of Shortened Force
Numerical Keywords: 8: Intellect, Progress, Science
Numerical Attributions: Mercury, Orange, World, West
Intelligence: Perfect Absolute Intelligence
Element: Air (hot, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Mind, Ideas, Cutting
Elemental Attributions: East, Spring, Sunrise
Astrological Attribution: Jupiter in Gemini
Dates & Timing: May 21 to May 30
Qabalistic World: Hod of Yetzirah
Translation of World: The Splendor of Formation
Suit Color: Swords- Yellow

Keywords: Feeling Stuck, Ignorant, Blocks, Interference, Boundaries, Bad News, Difficulties, Fears and Attachments

Ill-Dignified:Freedom, Release, Prison Break.

Interpretation: Things are difficult and tricky. Bound by previous ignorance. Rite of initiation. Fear of the Unknown.

Reversed Interpretation: Over coming outside restriction. Escaped from a confining relationship. Hope and inspiration have returned.

Alan Leo: This will bring the native into an entirely new set of conditions, either physical or mental. He will now aspire more eagerly after mental attainments, the mind inclining more in the direction of study and intellectual pursuits than formerly; and in all directions where knowledge can be obtained he will find either the brain-mind or the sub. conscious mind attracted. He will either travel now more than formerly or have great inclination thereto, or otherwise make many short journeys or excursions, even if it be but taking more walking exercise than usual, the desire for movement being more keenly alive than formerly. More¬over he will either come more into contact with relatives or kindred and be more closely concerned in their affairs, or in some way or other they will interest themselves more in his. Correspondence and writing of all kinds will enter more into the daily life, and as he comes more under the influence of this decanate he will find literary work more interesting and of more importance. To those who are making much progress this influence will bring a far greater motive force, and a more intense desire for intellectual advancement and mental improvement. This decanate will bring an enhanced sense of refinement and an accession of thoughtfulness: it is the most positive (physically) of the three decanates.

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