Horoscope Jupiter in Aquarius

This position causes you to see opportunity in very broad social, artistic, political matters. If your aim gets broader than your capacities – and it may! – you can be a drifter with high principles and little to show for them. If your abilities are up to your aims, you go far, for then you will see opportunity in all manner of big public things, and the free flow of your energies in these directions will lead effortlessly to success. Nothing is too big for you to envision, and even if it’s too big for you to tackle or master, you dare to think about it. Air castles can be your downfall; you have to strive continuously to find the practical if rough methods by which they may be constructed into houses of earth. You are capable of passing up financial chances if they interfere with your larger aims. You have to learn the value of security because this position doesn’t give it to you. Your tendency is to see life through the wrong end of the opera glasses; realities recede in favor of other things, and a liberal dose of the earth is necessary somewhere else in the chart if this position is to contribute to success.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Aquarius: fortune-freedom, hope, declaration, Utopicist, progress, evolution, modernization, leisure time, traffic

Your strength lies in your ability to be innovative, open to new progressive concepts, willing to experiment and to reject customs and traditions when they cease to serve any positive function in the present. Also, you have an expansive view of the world, one that includes humanity and not only your own small, personal circle.

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