Horoscope Jupiter in Aries

Opportunity appeals to you along lines related directly to ego justification. This can take the aggressive “I-can-do-anything” form or the passive, timid “Am-I-fitted-for-that-am-I-capable-of-doing-that?” Opportunity isn’t primarily a chance to make money, to achieve glory, or to serve, but is something more, and personal. Depending on the biases of your ego, this will be a broad or a narrow influence. It tends to add fire to an already self-assured nature and to give some self-assurance to the timid soul. One of two dangers besets you: (1) over optimism about your own talents, and a consequent eagerness to try anything once, resulting from the feeling that nothing is too big for you; (2) limitation of opportunity to a narrow ego demand, the result of a limitation in self confidence, and a resultant refusal to step outside the confining areas you have set up for yourself. In any case, you’re likely to be happy in your work, because you naturally gravitate to a work that satisfies you, and you cannot see opportunity along any other line. You must stand aside from yourself, examine your inner career motives carefully, and discover whether, by following your deepest desires, you are not limiting unnecessarily your field.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Aries: fortune-strength, achievement, courage, operation, honor, missionary, arena, competition, victory, vehicle, travel

You believe strongly in the power of positivity and in each individual’s ability to make life anything desired through one’s own initiative and effort. The more you rely on yourself, the better you feel, and you find it difficult to ask for or accept outside help. The joy of competing (and especially winning!) runs deep in you.

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