Horoscope Jupiter in Cancer

This position causes you to see opportunity along lines that promote security and luxury, and is therefore an excellent business, money-making position. You aren’t grasping, but you are careful, because your wants are comparatively great, and you strive in every way you can to satisfy them. The final end of opportunity is to you a pleasantly furnished home with all the trimmings of luxury, and one way or another you will generally have it. You will not see opportunity along lines that jeopardize this, and play your hand close to your chest, even when you may appear to be daring. You have just as much regard for the security and comfort of others as you have for your own, and thus are generous, charitable and openhanded with what you possess. Home, children, friends are important, and in gratifying this side of your ego, you are likely to become a substantial and respectable pillar of the society whose niceties you value and want for your own.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Cancer: fortune-soul-feeling, home search, religion, peace, celebration, divine service, family, father, parents, fertility

You make others feel accepted and comfortable. You have a knack for breaking down feelings of alienation and you make others feel included and a part of group activities. You have a loving, protective side that wants to take care of everyone. Creating a supportive atmosphere that is nourishing both to yourself and to others is one of your strengths.

Also, your home and heritage are important to you, and you maintain close connections to your past.

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