Horoscope Jupiter in Capricorn

This position presents opportunity to you through very practical glasses. Anything will appeal which helps present you as an authoritative and consequential person, and you will follow most readily those beacons that lead to the mountain tops of public acclaim. You combine daring and caution in a nice mixture. Money is not important in itself, though it may be as a means to power or as a symptom of success. You will risk money to get fame or power; but you’ll never risk fame or power to get money. Because you see only such opportunities as tend to advance you in the eyes of the world, irrelevant by-paths and blind alleys don’t distract you, and you plug mercilessly along the only path you see, leading upward and onward to the High Place.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Capricorn: fortune-law, responsibility, state, court, church, dogma, superior, patriarch, father, grandpa, mountains

You have an innate shrewdness, and the ability to develop a clear strategy and follow it carefully in order to reach your goals. You also have a natural sense of order, structure, and self-discipline. You are likely to excel, both because you are ambitious and because it is very important to you to do a professional job, no matter what field you are in, or how humble the task.

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