Horoscope Jupiter in Leo

Opportunity appeals to you most when it includes a chance to exhibit your special virtues and abilities. No obscure job for you, no matter how much money there is in it. You’ll pass it up in favor of the worse-paid job that gives more publicity. You can be a prodigious worker for little pay if you think you’re appreciated – and you’ll sulk and loaf if you aren’t. The stage lures you; if you don’t actually become a professional actor, you’ll make a stage of your life and act upon it to win approval for the traits that are most important to you. Financial matters come second, unless you happen to relate self-justification to money, in which case you become a prodigious earner and spender. When you save money at all, it is to spend it later along ego-satisfying lines. You will always see the main chance on a road to a high hill on which you can stand triumphant for all to see, and will exert yourself best when you are best satisfied with the effect you are making on others.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Leo: fortune-finding, city, palace, aristocracy, art, memorial, pathos, theater, player, success, honor, luxury

You cannot tolerate smallness or pettiness in any form, and you have a tendency to exaggerate. Also, you have a wonderful sense of drama! You must live boldly and heroically. Otherwise you feel you are simply existing and wasting your talents.

The desire for personal recognition – or even Fame – and a need to do something you feel really proud of, motivate you strongly. You have an unusual capacity for fun and playfulness also.

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