Horoscope Jupiter in Libra

This is a curious position, capable of seeing opportunity almost everywhere. There is a certain perversity about it, because you seem willing to do anything except what your nature is best fitted for. The opportunity that will appeal most to you is very likely to be the last thing in the world you ought to do. You are all too likely to follow what someone else says you ought to do, or what chance throws in your way. You need to cultivate firmness of purpose, and to concentrate on one line in which you want to excel. Your need for appearing successful in the eyes of others, rather than in your eyes, causes you to see too much with the eyes of others, so that you lack the drive of those who work outward from their wells of ego into the world. You are all too likely to try to fit your ego into the demands of other people, and thus to founder because your anchor is not within your own heart.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Libra: fortune-harmony, sympathy, art, peace, law, judge, prosperity, villa, celebration, culture, society, travel

Your strengths lie in your ability to cooperate, to be diplomatic, and to know just what behavior is called for in whatever social situation you find yourself. You also possess a strong sense of fairness, the willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints and opinions, and the ability to be (or at least seem to be) impartial and moderate, rather than extreme and one-sided.

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