Horoscope Jupiter in Pisces

Opportunity will appeal to you directly as it relates to your own private dream of self-justification. You can pass by material gain if there’s something undesirable connected with it. You can neglect doing for others if you don’t happen to want to. You may seem capricious or whimsical in your selections, but there is nothing whimsical about them to you: every choice is related to a fixed code which no one may know about but yourself, but which is crystal clear to you. If this code is big and unselfish, your whole life will be a miracle of service and selflessness. If it is little and narrow, your life will also be a miracle of service – to yourself. To be satisfied with that which also satisfies others is your key to success and happiness, for thus you overcome the tendency of this position to introversion, and allow the genial Jupiterean qualities to shine forth through the sign, which, in its best manifestation, gives you the power to lose yourself in large, humane ideals.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Pisces: fortune-dissolution, vision, humanist, religion, social, monastery, ship, ocean, travel urge, speculation

Your ability to empathize and identify with others makes you unwilling to take advantage of or hurt anyone. You care about the underdog. You may also be unusually impressionable or have highly developed psychic sensitivity.

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