Horoscope Jupiter in Sagittarius – Dates, Details

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Opportunity appeals to you only if closely related to ideals. Work for its own sake means little, for to you the prime opportunity of life is not labor, but knowledge, philosophy, adventure. If, however, work gets related to a philosophic ideal (such as duty, security, making the best of things, or whatever), then you can throw yourself into it-but only for so long as the ideal sustains you; if this fails, you gravitate to your nature, which is to seek opportunity along non-material lines. To relate the necessities of life to some philosophic or religious code of your own is your way to success and happiness, for without some such union of the ideal and the material, you are likely to drift with the alluring currents of your imagination.

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Jupiter-Sagittarius: fortune, success, memorial, church, castle, judge, father, bank, stock exchange, profit, university, travel, abroad

Your strength lies in your ability to see the whole, rather than only the parts which compose it. You have a deep need to explore the world and to develop your own philosophy of life and sense of personal meaning. You vacillate between being open-minded and tolerant of differing views, and being dogmatic or overly zealous about your own viewpoint.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Women

Women with Jupiter in Sagittarius are the definitive example of mirroring Jupiter’s Generosity. Jupiter is Sagittarius’s Ruling Planet. This connect forges an unbreakable bond between your Sign and Jupiter—so you will feel exponentially blessed when Jupiter visits Sagittarius, and you will find love and fulfillment.

You are happiest when you feel free to express yourself, and you happily help create safe spaces for others around you. You are a vital part of the community, and when your Generosity increases—you know no limits. You are the type to organize, cook, and work as the cashier at the school Bake Sale because you look out for the greater good.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Men

Men with Jupiter in Sagittarius are extremely generous, as Jupiter influences them to give their time, attention, and money.  This man probably saves money, donates money, and volunteers.  This is the type of man who Trusts that things will not only continue to be good but get better.  This beautiful and gracious attitude toward the unknown is one of the best qualities of a Man with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Be aware of the time and effort he puts into your relationship, and be sure to show your gratitude.  Reciprocate his affections and be as generous with your Trust and love as your Ruling Planet, Jupiter, especially when Jupiter is in your Sign, Sagittarius.

How Often is Jupiter In Sagittarius?

Here are dates for recent and upcoming passages of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Think back to what was happening in your life during prior periods to decide how you want to use the current and future Jupiter in Sagittarius opportunities.

Also, think about what was happening in world events during the most recent Jupiter in Sagittarius period. Those occurrences offer clues to later cycles and may spark ideas you can apply personally.

December 25, 1982 – January 19, 1984
December 9, 1994 – January 3, 1996
November 23, 2006 – December 18, 2007
November 8, 2018 – December 2, 2019
October 22, 2030 – November 15, 2031

The Ninth House (Jupiter)

The Ninth House is the call to adventure, and to be part of something bigger than yourself.  That something bigger can be an ideal, like the noble truth, or the pursuit of knowledge leading to wisdom.

Here you’ll find the scrapbook of your travels, spiritual seeking, higher education and fellow wanderers.

Jupiter in the Ninth House (Sagittarius and Jupiter)

When Jupiter is in the house of Sagittarius and Jupiter, your knowledge will grow. You will gain a new path forward as you travel and learn. Being exposed to other cultures awakens possibilities. A trip could involve walking in the footsteps of your ancestors. Your quest to widen your horizons can bring realizations about the way others live, and what all humans share. You move past earlier conditioning as you grow in the truth about the world outside of your microcosm. You follow inspired trails. More about the Ninth House.

The House of Jupiter

The Ninth House is the growing edge, where led by passions and curiosity about life. It involves what leads us into ever-widening circles of knowledge, the kind that changes the world-view.

Signs and synchronicity show up in the Ninth, sending gut-level hits about a path of destiny. It’s associated with integrated fields of knowledge, philosophy and the longing to understand spiritual experience across cultures.

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