Horoscope Mars in Aquarius

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Your energies flow into social channels which may be quite idealistic or quite personal. The more idealistic you can make them, the more you can prevent the social urges from becoming centered in yourself, the greater will be your success and happiness. There is a constant struggle within you between self and others; you are a pretty high-strung person. To translate your energies away from nerves and into channels of material and social progress is to achieve the best that this position has to offer. You have constantly to fight a curious trend toward introversion, for as indicated by all the positions of Mars in the fixed signs, you may become set in your ways and your desires, and must therefore see to it that your desires reside primarily outside yourself, in the world of material affairs. If you run into difficulties with the world – and you often do, one way or another – you will tend to feel sorry for yourself, and perhaps to console yourself in ways that block your progress. Genuine humanitarianism is your best role; whether you are in business, a profession or the arts, gear your energies to thoughts of others, and rest assured that the benefits of your efforts will thus come back to you, like bread cast on the waters.

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You are very socially oriented and work well in cooperation with others. You may be active in community affairs or unite with others of similar ideals and intentions to work toward a common goal. Progressive and democratic, you are not concerned with hoarding personal power or having authority over others. You are a team player.

New, unconventional methods appeal to you, especially ideas that involve bringing people together or creating fairer working conditions – such as networking, profit-sharing, job-sharing, etc. New technologies also interest you.

Your energy level is high but somewhat erratic. You can be impatient, rebellious, and inconstant in pursuing your aims.

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