Horoscope Mars in Cancer

You are at a disadvantage, for the aggressive energetic urges work here through the defensive sectors of the horoscope, and the result can more often than not be an undermining of the very security you think you are working for. In its best manifestation, this makes you a gentle and peaceful soul, content to give yourself to the establishing of a home and the rearing of children. But this best manifestation is rare. You will in any case think this is what you would want out of life if – alas! – so many things did not demand attention first! Women with this position have a curious way of ruling the roost, at the same time that they think they want a strong brave man to shield them from the world. Men with this position frequently are ruled by their women or by the psychological biases rooted in the mother inheritance. You must constantly strive to direct your energies, your passions, your intuitions, and prevent them from directing you. You tend to try too hard, and thus to lose the benefits of the free flow of instinct. And through trying too hard, or demanding too much, you run the risk of endangering the very security without which you never will express your best self. Your fears are all too likely to get the upper hand and to cause you to exaggerate little troubles. You make mountains out of molehills, and the mountains bring forth an avalanche on your head. You take yourself and your private life too seriously; and must beware of destructively directing into them the energies that should be flowing out to the world of business or society.

You avoid direct confrontation as much as possible and are uncomfortable with aggressiveness, competition, and personal power. Your ego drive is not very strong and you are not especially ambitious or eager to push your way to the top. You may feel inadequate in situations that call for strong, forceful action. The only instance in which you will really fight is when you feel your loved ones, or something dear to you, is being harmed, for then you are a fierce defender. You have a very strong protective side. You act on impulse and instinct and may lash out at anyone you perceive as threatening to your home or family. However, you will rarely initiate a confrontation. Your goals also tend to be very personal and centered around family closeness and inner satisfaction rather than worldly achievement.

You are sensitive to stress and do not handle a high-pressured, competitive atmosphere very well. You are very touchy, irritable, and difficult to live with when there are many demands or tensions at work. Your energy level is inconstant and is very much dependent upon the emotional harmony (or lack of it) in your home. A supportive partner is of great benefit to you in helping you achieve your goals and desires.

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