Horoscope Mars in Capricorn

You have practical control over your energies, which normally express themselves in a way that promotes your highest and most worldly aspirations. Controlled actions and speech come naturally to you; your vitality works well in the harness of the world as it is, and you can master details as well as the executive functions. You are tactful in a proud sort of way: you say the right thing without yielding your dignity or compromising with the truth as you see it. You are a born leader, having the first requisites of leadership: control of yourself and ability to take orders. This is one of the most favorable positions of Mars for worldly success, for you will rarely do anything that interferes with your security, or with security’s broader manifestation, desire for power; and in one way or another, authority will accumulate in your hands if you don’t block the free flow of your vitality with too much self confidence. You can afford to “sit loose in the saddle of fate” in the assurance that your mount will carry you where you want to go, and you should respect the steed by sparing whip and spur.

Grant Lewi

You are serious about your ambitions, and disciplined, dedicated, and tenacious in pursuing your objectives. Your drive and energy are directed toward practical material accomplishment and achieving concrete results. You also strive to be in a position of authority and social influence; you enjoy being the person who is in command.

You are hard-working and capable of forgoing immediate comfort in order to achieve your long-range goals. You can easily become a workaholic and are very responsible and conscientious about doing a thorough job.

Realistic and pragmatic, you are an excellent strategist. You attain success by formulating a conservative and workable plan and following through with it. You are not a gambler when it comes to attaining your goals; you depend on your own efforts and perseverance rather good fortune. You have a natural shrewdness and instinct for business or organizational management.

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