Horoscope Mars in Gemini

Your energies flow naturally into adventurous paths. Movement, physical and mental, is essential to you, and you express best when working, playing, living actively, preferably at high speed. You are rarely bored or boring, but you can wear others, and yourself, out by the ferocity of your attack on life. You are extraordinarily aware of the world around you; sense perceptions are acute, swift, probably accurate; and you are voluble in expressing what you take in. Energy flows naturally to the tongue; you are a better talker than a listener; and are generally glib, discursive, extensive in your remarks written or spoken. With any concentrative force, this position gains value; without it, you scatter your energies. You are something of a sensualist and like the physical expressions of love; you probably think sex is more important to you than it really is, and by thinking make it so. Energy flows into mind force as well as into physical activity; this is peculiarly a position in which, to have a sound mind, you must also have a sound body. You must beware of neglecting your physical well-being through letting your energies dam up in the pools of the mind; also of being blocked by sensational thoughts which from time to time will tend to dominate you. The negative reactions of the sex urge, such as envy, jealousy, hatred, can frustrate you if you let them get hold. Mind control and bodily vigor are the two things for which you should constantly strive.

Grant Lewi

You are a “busy bee” – energetic, restless, and forever on the go. Your active mind is always buzzing with ideas and you find it difficult sometimes to relax, slow down, or take time to reflect and replenish yourself. You tend to live on nervous energy. You can accomplish much in short bursts but projects that require long-term commitment, stamina, and steady, persistent effort are not easy for you. You often scatter your energies into so many directions and activities at once that you cannot finish or follow through on some of them. You need variety, change, and mental challenges.

You have a sharp and eager mind, and you enjoy games and competitions that have a mental component. You like to match wits with someone else.

You often achieve your desires by your verbal skill, your ability to speak clearly, vigorously, and convincingly for what you want. Your drive and energy is more mental than physical. You use your wit, intelligence, communication skills, social sophistication, and awareness to achieve your goals.

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