Horoscope Mars in Sagittarius

You lead your energies into physical channels. Exercise is important to you; vigorous activity helps both body and brain. Any tendency to become studious or bookish will have an admirable balance here, for this is one of the most vital positions of Mars, leading to proficiency in sports and a love for games and contests of all kinds. You’re a gracious winner, a cheerful loser: the excitement of the game itself is as important to you as winning. This detachment of spirit carries over from the realm of sports into the realm of learning, and you are capable of high scholastic achievement, more likely in belles-lettres than in science. You love to generalize, and may be irked by the details of life: a love of order is not usual with this position of Mars, and must be studiously cultivated. A kind of haphazard, slapdash way of going at things should also be overcome – you try to move faster than possible sometimes, and trip over things or over your own feet. For this reason you have to be careful of accidents. Also, you have to beware that, by keeping your eyes fixed on high and far off things, you don’t miss the essentials of life. All well enough to have your head in the clouds, if your feet don’t stumble on the path. Many things are forgiven you because of the loftiness of your aims; but you should never forgive yourself for failure because your aim is high. Remember that the hill of dreams has its base in the earth, and that anyone who would reach the top must first fight his way through the brambles on the lower pathways.

Grant Lewi

You are aspiring, enterprising, and forever following some bright and distant star, planning some new venture or investigating new potentials. You are definitely “upwardly mobile” in either a material or spiritual sense (or both). You aim high and are not content simply with a quiet, secure existence. You like to stretch your limits, to see how far you can go, and to take risks. You are a positive thinker, expect success for yourself, and are philosophical about failures. You are flexible and bounce back from disappointment rather quickly, usually with another hopeful new idea you want to try. Your enthusiasm and confidence are contagious and enable you to enlist the aid and support you need for your projects. However, you sometimes promise more than you can actually achieve, due to over-optimism or insufficient attention to the practicalities involved.

You also tend to get distracted and to have too many things going at once. Although it is very difficult for you, there are times when you simply must develop commitment, perseverance, and persistence in order to make your dreams and goals a concrete reality. Too often you fall short of what you could attain because you are unwilling to persist through the difficult or less exciting times.

You also enjoy competition and usually do not take it too seriously. Either sports or entrepreneurship would be good ways to channel your energy.

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