Horoscope Mars in Taurus

You work most naturally along lines related to security, and are your best self only when this is assured. Worry over money throws you off balance: you need to be able to take for granted at least the essential comforts of life, and can get to demand a good deal more on the luxury side. You may get, have, spend and lose much property in your lifetime; conservatism in finances is not well marked, and you have to learn it by sheer force of strength. In a deep sense you relate security to emotional as well as financial matters, are ardent and stable in love, require (and generally get) plenty of sex satisfaction. Yet in this, as in money, your energies can run away into prodigality and excesses. You are “set in your ways,” know how you want to do things, and generally manage to do them that way. You are not exactly aggressive in your search for independence; you don’t make a big fuss about it, but you get what you want. Your motto is, “I don’t want to fight; just let’s do it my way,” and with or without the consent of the governed, you generally prevail. You are a master of the art of passive aggression and passive resistance; whether your habits are right or wrong, good or bad, constructive or destructive, you keep plowing along in the same furrow, and those who would oppose you generally stand to one side or get mowed down. Love and finances alike can fall before you, and your constant aim in life should be to stand aside from your own desires, your own intuition, and the things you take for granted, in order that you may judge objectively the value of your fixation and your effort.

Grant Lewi

Once you set your mind on a goal, your dedication, determination, and commitment to it are extraordinary. You pursue your ambitions tenaciously and will stubbornly refuse to give up, let go, or be influenced in any way. Like Aesop’s tortoise, you labor patiently and steadfastly until you achieve what you want – or until it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is lost. You are a reliable, consistent, and productive worker, and often shoulder more of the workload than your co- workers, usually without complaint. The nitty-gritty work often falls to you. You prefer a regular routine, with definite hours and clearly defined responsibilities and tasks. In fact, establishing a pattern or routine is very important to your success because once you get started in a certain direction, is easy for you to follow it through to its completion. Getting started is more difficult. You have a lazy, comfort-loving side and there is often a good deal of inertia for you to overcome before you get going. Once you get a momentum going, your energy level is strong and steady.

You are interested in concrete results and solid, practical achievement. You need to have some tangible product or contribution to show for your efforts, and cannot be content with only intangible rewards (such as having a good time, learning, or spiritual enrichment). Material well-being and security is also a large factor in determining what you do. Your stamina and persistence is your great strength but it can also work against you; you can get caught in a rut and refuse to seize new opportunities. You also tend to play it safe, and to limit yourself in that way.

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