Horoscope Mercury in 11th House

MERCURY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE strengthens the intellect, giving a firmer, stronger and more comprehensive mind. It gives scientific and literary ability and increases the power of concentration, enabling you to fix your ideas. It strengthens the whole mind, and according to your education will make it original and expansive. Tile intuition is improved and there is some latent tendency towards mysticism, or a religion which appeals to the head as well as to the heart. H you cultivate character reading you may become an excellent exponent of that art. You will be much attached to your friends, but some of them may deceive you, or -involve you in trouble and anxiety.

Alan Leo

You have a good understanding of group trends, politics, mass movements, and community affairs. Sharing ideas with groups of people is something you do well and are likely to be involved with. You collaborate well in group efforts and are likely to be part of a successful team or large organization.

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