Horoscope Mercury in 3rd House

MERCURY IN THE THIRD HOUSE considerably accentuates your mental ability. It tends to quicken your mind, making you studious and capable of embracing many subjects. At the same time it will enable you to readily change from one subject to another, making go you versatile, and competent to deal with Mercurial subjects. It will give you a taste for reading, make you very fond of curiosities and give you the ability to study astrology and ]{indred subjects. It is one of the strongest positions for Mercury, giving clearness of intellect and penetrative thought. To appreciate this the power of concentration must have been cultivated.

Alan Leo

Inquisitive and communicative, your mind seems to be “on” all of the time and you are forever gathering information and sharing ideas. Your attention span may be rather brief; you have many and diverse interests, and are easily distracted. You learn quickly, are eager to pass on what you are learning and thinking about, and may talk excessively.

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Mercury in the 3rd house in astrology (Mercury in the third house)

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