Horoscope Mercury in 5th House

MERCURY IN THE FIFTH HOUSE will make your mind somewhat easy going, fond of pleasure and at times self indulgent. It makes you fond of children, music, poetry, singing and the drama. You should not over-study or you will affect the heart. Your mind is loving and affectionate, but you should guard against inconstancy and excess in pleasure. You must never be carried away by speculation, or a gambling spirit may be encouraged. You should be good at mimicry and there is some latent ability for acting. Children born to you would be intellectual and very clever.

Alan Leo

You enjoy puzzles and other games that challenge you intellectually. You like to show off your verbal or intellectual skills and to use your mind creatively. Writing, dramatic speaking or some other display of your creative intelligence appeals to you.

Kepler Natal Report


Vedic Astrology: Fifth House

Mercury in the fifth house brings excellent communication skills. One may excel in foreign languages and this place and would certainly make for a skilled writer. Skill with musical instruments, detailed work such as needlepoint or performing detailed tasks would be seen.

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